Prioritizing the elements which align with a company’s capabilities and business environment is key to any successful growth strategy. At CKC, we work alongside companies to develop a growth approach that allows companies to avoid execution gaps and to outperform competitors.

Re-aligning the cost structure allows companies to identify the best  ways to funnel resources towards growth opportunities. This optimizes time and allocates resources to core business-focused capabilities and initiatives. Additionally, it allows companies to increase operating leverage and expand margins in order to maximize their investment and growth strategy.

Services & Levers 

Enhance the Core (Operational Improvement): Professionalization of business process and implementation of new technology. Right sizing infrastructure and processes for growth.
Organic Expansion (Growth Hacking): Identify industry growth waves, market disruptions, and dislocations ahead of the market to create value.

M&A/Inorganic (Consolidate the Industry): Accretive add-on investments to gain scale. Create synergies. Build market share to enable improved pricing.

Capital Stack (Structure Optimization): Restructure financing terms. Exercise forbearance to enable the implementation of operational improvements.



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