Automation solutions targeting the sales and marketing function have the potential to significantly impact top-line revenue growth. Additionally, they can often be achieved in rapid “quick wins” spanning weeks, not months or quarters.

While traditional automation programs focus on value from “cost out” (i.e. labor elimination vs. labor arbitrage), organizations that accrue real benefits invest in process enhancements to improved sales cycle times. This translates to greater revenue velocity and margin expansion. CKC’s revenue acceleration methodology identifies opportunities to efficiently allocate internal resources while delivering higher levels of customer satisfaction, as measured by top quartile NPS scores.

Next generation technology drives competitive advantage

RPA/Machine Learning: Application of best-of-class automation solution. Beginning in the evaluation stage through implementation. RPA and automation solutions allow businesses to optimize resource allocation away from the back office and into the core business.

Sales and marketing effectiveness:  Evaluation of the commercial model, organizational design, in bound and out bound contact center operations, talent assessment, sale comp structure, SaaS tools/technology.

Pricing optimization: Revenue maximization at the contract/deal/client/transaction level, as appropriate.


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